Perícia: objeto de arte

Vagando pela internet, encontrei versos que pautavam sobre o tema “forensic science” em um blog denominado Music Literature Weird Stuff. Vejam tais versos abaixo:
Forensic Science
Note, Sir
the gentle depression on the sofa
where she sat, her arm draped on the backrest
Do photograph the vacuum;
It may tell you something.
The air shimmers –
She was here; I sense the form
and the quiet air still carries
the echoes of her voice;
can it be recorded?
Pick up that strand of black hair carefully,
with tweezers
Decipher the DNA
Reconstruct that beautiful face
that I may once again look and be lost
Ah! a wine glass! Evidence!
Handle it carefully, with a soft cloth;
capture her prints
and model her soft fingers
that I may hold them to my lips again.
Lipstick prints on a tissue!? Wonderful!
Are they identical, Sir,
to those placed on my eyebrows
so long ago? Those
that I failed to collect?
How will you find her?
She, the victim AND the murderer?
Go back in time, snatch her,
before she vanishes
into colourless memories.
Não sei quanto aos nobres colegas e leitores, mas me encheu os olhos ver a atividade pericial poetizada. Ainda não havia pensado na perícia como objeto de arte de qualquer natureza.